Stella Bush(non-registered)
Betty you are an amazing artist and have an eye for great photos! Appreciate you and your work very much!
I didn't get a chance to tell you how much we really appreciate your help getting our pictures done with EVERYONE! Our family schedule with the Briseno Bunch is crazy..., but you managed to capture amazing pictures! You are truely gifted!
Thank you,
The Briseno Brunch :)
Amber Hahn(non-registered)

I cannot be more grateful for the photos you shot at the Madison Event Center Open House. For the longest time I have been sharing images of the space that truly do not give it justice and needless to say I will be sharing these with our clients without any hesitation!

Do not be surprised to find any one of your photos in a wedding magazine representing the Madison Event Center.

And they will be forever in my personal event portfolio!

Thanks again!
- Radiant Light Studios -
Thanks Jessica, you made my day.
hugs to Kash
Jessica Sime & Kash(non-registered)
Betty you are so amazing! You are such an amazing artist... you have a beautiful view on the world around you and are able to capture it to share with everyone. Thank you for all that you do and all that you've done. Thank you for showing us the beauty you see...
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